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Studio Jacks offers private training in the Authentic Pilates method with certified instructors, located on the shore of South Lake Union in the heart of downtown Seattle. We specialize in Pilates instruction designed to accommodate any experience or fitness level. Whether you’re looking to recover from an injury, extend your athleticism, get back into shape, or simply enjoy an alternative form of exercise, our personalized instruction is custom-fit to each client’s specific needs and goals.

About Us

Authentic Pilates

Our philosophy

At Studio Jacks we believe that Pilates builds a connection between the mind and the body, developing strength, stretch, and control.

What is Pilates?

Over 90-years ago Joseph H. Pilates developed a unique method of body conditioning, suitable for any fitness level, designed to stretch and strengthen the muscles with an emphasis on developing optimal core conditioning. While enhancing muscle condition, the exercises also improve posture, flexibility, and balance—creating an overall streamlined shape for the body. One of the signature qualities of Joseph Pilates’ work is the integration of the entire body into one workout.

Our Team

Jack Lanham - Principal Founder

Jack has been teaching Pilates since 2001. As an avid mountaineer, the benefits of Pilates conditioning were immediately apparent to him. Prior to teaching Pilates exercise, Jack was a professional Certified Personal Trainer with a background in organized athletics including football, soccer, basketball, baseball, and track & field. With over a decade of professional training and Pilates experience—with clients ranging from elite athletes to exercise newbies—Jack is able to effectively improve the overall condition of every individual client. In addition to Pilates and mountaineering, Jack continues his studies in weight training and sports training applications. When not in the studio, Jack enjoys scuba diving adventures and spending time traveling and at home with his family in Seattle.

Sara Haakenson - Senior Trainer

Sara has been teaching Pilates since 2008. An advocate for movement, Sara has danced since the age of five, played basketball, mountaineered, and snowboards. Sara came to Pilates out of curiosity and a desire to elevate her athleticism, and as a result has found her true passion. Pilates allows Sara to work with clients from all physical backgrounds. Challenging athletes to hone their technique and take their performance to the next level, as well as working with those who have challenges moving due to injury or lack of practice. The joy of Sara’s teaching comes from encouraging her students to achieve what they had previously found out of reach. As the mother of a young child, working with pre- and post-natal women is a privilege for Sara.

Jed Ward - Senior Trainer

Jed has been teaching Pilates since 2012. A combination of movement-training, arts, meditation, and philosophy define Jed's approach to exercise and his everyday living. As a martial artist, cyclist, and hiker, Jed lives with great appreciation for the benefits of good health and fitness. So when he suffered a torn major pec tendon that required surgery to repair, he immediately sought a way to restore his physical health and vitality. After his first introduction to Pilates, Jed realized the impressive potential of the exercise method and decided to pursue a certification to teach the exercise himself. Jed believes in providing his clients with a thoughtful and fun, yet challenging experience, and enjoys seeing his students progress in their abilities over time.

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What we have to offer

While many Pilates exercises can be conducted in a “mat” class, a signature of the Pilates method is the specialized apparatus used in Pilates exercises. Our studio is fully equipped by Gratz, using the original designs by Joseph Pilates to ensure the work is performed the way it was intended. Our apparatuses are designed to support the body while moving through the exercises—providing alignment awareness, extra resistance, and enhancing the effectiveness of your workout. We leverage a variety of apparatuses to help clients get the most out of their practice. Our instructors will guide you and help determine the best apparatuses for each of your workouts and specific personal needs.

Private sessions

Work individually with your instructor on a variety of apparatuses, selected for your needs.

Semi-private sessions

Work in a small group with your instructor on a variety of apparatuses, selected for your needs.

Duet sessions

A private session with you and a partner, leveraging a variety of apparatuses selected for your needs.

Group mat class

Join our small group workout session for a fast-paced total body workout using your own body’s resistance.

First Lesson: Free!

To help demystify Pilates and discover if it’s right for you, Studio Jacks offers a free session to anyone new to the studio. Call to make an appointment!


Our packages


  • 50-Min Workout
    Single $75
    5-Pack $73 each
    10-Pack $70 each
  • 30-Min Workout
    $40 (+tax)


  • 50-Min Workout
    Single $45
    5-Pack $43 each
    10-Pack $40 each
  • 30-Min Workout
    $25 (+tax)


  • 50-Min Workout
    Single $47
    5-Pack $45 each
    10-Pack $43 each
  • 30-Min Workout
    $30 (+tax)

Group mat class

  • 50-Min Workout
    Single $15
    5-Pack $13 each
    10-Pack $10 each
  • Tuesdays 12:00pm


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