At Studio Jacks we believe that Pilates builds a connection between the mind and the body, developing strength, stretch, and control.

Your certified Pilates instructor will be able to guide you through every move with expert care and attention.

We work with you, one session at a time, to achieve your individual health and fitness goals for the long haul.

Jack Lanham - Founder & Senior Teacher



Jack has been teaching Pilates since 2001. As an avid mountaineer, the benefits of Pilates conditioning were immediately apparent to him. Prior to teaching Pilates exercise, Jack was a professional Certified Personal Trainer with a background in organized athletics including football, soccer, basketball, baseball, and track & field. 



With over a decade of professional training and Pilates experience—with clients ranging from elite athletes to exercise newbies—Jack effectively improves the overall condition of every individual client.  Jack continues his studies in weight training and sports training applications. When not in the studio, Jack enjoys scuba diving adventures , as well as spending time traveling and at home with his family in Seattle.

Sara Haakenson - Co-owner & Senior Teacher



Sara has been teaching Pilates since 2008. An advocate for movement, Sara has danced since the age of five, played basketball, mountaineered, and snowboards. The joy of Sara’s teaching comes from encouraging her students to achieve what they had previously found out of reach. As the mother of a young child, working with pre- and post-natal women is a privilege for Sara. 


Pilates allows Sara to work with clients from all physical backgrounds.  Challenging athletes to hone their technique and take their performance to the next level, as well as working with those who have challenges moving due to injury or lack of practice. 


Sherri L. Peterson - Certified Instructor


Sherri has been teaching Pilates since 2016. She was working as a civil/environmental engineer when she began Pilates. An avid runner and cyclist, Sherri began Pilates to compliment these activities. Her Pilates lesson became the highlight of her work week. The body awareness, strength and flexibility acquired through the practice of Pilates was an asset during training for half-marathons and century rides.

Sherri made the decision to leave engineering and studied Pilates with Master Teacher Dorothea VandeWalle. Sherri enjoys working with clients of all levels and is passionate about sharing the benefits of Pilates with her Clients.

Christopher Blackburn - Certified Instructor


Chris was certified in the classical Pilates method in May 2006 by Romana's Pilates and the Metropolitan Authentic Pilates program. As well as studying with Romana Kryzanowska he apprenticed under Dorothee Vandewalle. He has served on the faculty of Cornish College of Fine Arts and the University of Washington. You can find his instruction videos on Pilatesology. Christopher has passion for the practice of classical Pilates. His attention to detail is ever present but he approaches the work with creativity and energy, He believes the work should be true to the method yet fun. He has a history in gymnastics, acrobatics and dance. Currently Chris is studying  aerial and trapeze art.