Pilates and Culinary Retreat

This past April I co-hosted a Pilates and Culinary Retreat on Whidbey Island in Washington. Julie Kramis-Hearne joined me as the extraordinary Chef. This long weekend completely exceeded my expectations. I was so inspired by the group and how willing they were to come together and share with each other. We practiced Pilates every morning when the group sauntered in. There were no hard and fast schedules, it was very organic. It was wonderful to have consecutive classes to watch the group progress and learn about their bodies, even in such a short time. Chef Julie made breakfast, lunch and dinner as we watched on. She shared a ton of new kitchen tips and we all were blown away by her Paella over a campfire!

"Julie is the kind of natural, spontaneous chef that rolls with whatever inspiration strikes her fancy. She prepared the most nutritional and delicious meals, while modestly explaining her methods and reasoning. I learned several new cooking techniques while getting insider information about flavor profiles, spices and flexibility." -Rhyan Haynie-Lavelle, retreat participant

"I came away with a new respect for the foundations of Pilates and appreciate that Sara adheres to the classical style of Pilates that honors Joseph Pilates purpose for the movement art" -Jodi Thomas, retreat participant "I would recommend it not as an indulgence but as a powerful healing experience that will leave you feeling, refreshed and alive!"

We can't wait to do it again. Maybe this time South of the border...


Sara Haakenson